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We hope you enjoy hearing the musical talents from your brothers and sisters scattered throughout our Church of God
family.  We encourage you to contact the musical artists themselves to encourage them, and to support their music
ministries through their recordings or inviting them to perform for your church or conference.  The music heard through
the COGCAST broadcasts are performed exclusively by Church of God members, usually through worship services at
their local church gathering.  Some of the music heard on COGCAST is not original unless otherwise denoted.  If you
are looking for the original performances, please search your favorite music site, and purchase the available songs or
albums.  All music available to listen to is intended for personal enjoyment and not for selling or re-distributing to sell or
replacing a purchase.  As a ministry of a non-profit organization, COGCAST does not sell any music.  Original music by
COGCAST artists can be purchased directly from the artists' linked sites.  If you have additional questions about music
or musical artists you have heard, please contact us directly with as many details about the song or artist (lyrics, song
title, male or female or duet, play sequence, etc.), and we will try to help.
Amazing Grace"
Larry Mayberry
Paul Derho
Tim and Paula McGinty
Alan and Susan Cain
Josh Fletcher

"Boundless Love" by songbirds Alan and Susan Cain, Lawrenceville, Ohio
"Broken and Spilled Out" by Susan Cain
"Every Knee Shall Bow" by Alan and Amber Cain, the second lady of his life
"Household of Faith" by Alan and Susan Cain
"I Miss My Time with You" by Alan Cain
"Love Crucified Arose" by Susan Cain
"The Warrior is a Child" by Alan and his sister, Sarah (Cain) An
"Tools for the Trade" by Susan Cain

"Consider the Lilies" by Curt Masters
"Sheltered in the Arms of God" by Curt Masters

"People Need the Lord" by Cathy McAlister
"Touch Me Again I Pray" by Cathy McAlister

"God's Way is the Best Way" by Harvey Krogh
"Open My Eyes that I May See" by Harvey Krogh

"Thy Word" by Susan Duckworth and Jennifer Campbell

"I'll Be a Friend of His" by Mary Milne
"That Little White Church on the Hill" by Mary Pearson

"We are the Family of God" by Bobby Lee Partain

"God and God Alone" by Chris James, Guthrie Grove, Pelzer, SC
"Holy Ground" by Chris James
"Near to the Heart of God" by Chris James
"When the Time Comes" by Chris James

"Glory to His Name" by James Mattison and Martha Jones Mattison
"Now I Belong to Him" by Martha Jones Mattison
"Without Him" by James Mattison and Martha Jones Mattison
"Jesus and Me" by Martha Jones Mattison with Elder Joe James

"Shout to the Lord" by Rebecca (Jones) Dauksas and Melody (Jones) Ballard

"My God is Real" by Debbie Martin

"Love-Stained Eyes" by Rick Gentry, Tempe, AZ

"Now I Have Everything" by Virginia Browning, Joe James, and Curt Masters
"On the Jericho Road"  an unplanned special performed by Virginia Browning, Curt Masters,
Elder Joe James, & Pastor Francis Burnett

"It is Finished"  performed by long-time Bethel Church song leader Bill Vaughn & Susan Cain
"Lovest Thou Me" by Bill Vaughn
"Until You Know" by Bill Vaughn

"And I Love You So" by Dan Graham (6/28/1950-5/12/2007)
Tape provided by Pastor Rex Cain

"Have I Told You Lately (God, I Love You)" by Sara Farr

"I'm Using the Bible as My Road Map" by Tony and Codie Sloan
"The World Outside My Door" by Tony Sloan

I'm Depending on You Lord Jesus" Original music by Paul Derho
God's Good News" by Paul Derho - Check out Paul's blog
"The Firstborn from the Dead" by Paul Derho
"The Hour is Coming" by Paul Derho

The Love of God" by Aaron Winner

"I See a New World Coming" as sung by Dennis Baldwin
The Holy City" as performed by Dennis Baldwin

Songs performed by the Resurrection Hope (Lenoir, NC) Choir
"It Could Happen in a Moment"
"My Tribute"
"Total Praise"
"Praise You" - solo by Patsy Smith
I Must Tell Jesus" by the Resurrection Hope Choir, Accompanist Wanda Keller
It Gets Sweeter as the Days Go By"  by the Choir
Out of the Dust" by Brother Donald Swallows
"I Go to the Rock" - soloist Punki Phillips

"Golden Jubilee" (lyrics rewritten) by Pastor Z.B. Duncan

"Ship Ahoy!" by Pastor Raymond Brown
"I Found the Answer" by Doris Brown

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