a broadcast ministry of the Church of God of the Abrahamic Faith
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Our Mission

Upcoming Events
We hope the unique
focus of the
messages and music
will be a blessing and
an encouragement in
your daily walk, as we
praise the king, and
proclaim and prepare
for the coming
kingdom of God!
Don't miss our newest
programming feature called,
Back to the Future," playing
each Sunday.  Instead of the
regular daily programs, we will
spotlight messages and music
recorded throughout the
history of the Church of God.  
Most of these broadcasts will
contain material that has not
been heard for many decades.  
So pop open a Coke bottle,
imagine $0.20 cent/gallon gas,
and take a walk down memory
lane as we listen to the past
re-lived, with messages and
music that is still living and
relevant today, and focused on
the future age to come!
See what you've missed.
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COGCAST has been an exciting adventure, and we're glad you're taking the
time to read more about the work and goals of the broadcasts.  We hope
too will join with us as a part of this ministry, and help others to share in this

The objectives of COGCAST are simple:

1.  To broadcast the Gospel of the Kingdom into all the world.

2.  To reinforce the teachings of the Church of God among the membership.

3.  To reach isolated members and keep them in contact with the Church and
Church of God material.

4.  To provide a communication outlet for the Church of God General
Conference and its members.

5.  To preserve the history of the Church of God by transferring old recordings
into digital formats and files.

6.  To allow the people in our churches to be involved in a world-wide ministry.

7.  To encourage and promote the creativity in the Church of God, and give it
an outlet.

We're always glad to hear your news, thoughts, and ideas.
We encourage you to
contact us if you have a way you want to be involved.

E-mail us your latest
church news to be read
on the air during the
broadcasts, and keep
your extended "kingdom
family" in touch.

Here are just a few
Let us celebrate a
baptism with you.  

Did you have a great
summer camp?  Tell us
about it.

Do you have a special
event or speaker
coming up at your
church, conference, or
with your ministry?
Let us announce it.

Were you a part of the
recent missionary trip?  
Tell us the good news.

Keep us connected!